Brand Solutions

At Boost, we believe your brand is so much more than just a logo and a collection of marketing materials. Your brand is a promise. A promise that represents how you look, what you say, and what you do. We work in partnership with our clients to develop solutions that honor their unique individuality, differentiate from their competitors, and build on that promise. 

Boost is a boutique Brand & Creative Services Agency with experience working with start-up companies to large corporations. Some people think that hiring a big agency is the only way to get good results, but we believe differently. We know that listening to our clients and building a solid relationship is what drives the best results. A relationship with Boost will be built on trust,  firmly rooted in creativity, with a sprinkle of adventure tossed in. 


Online Or Offline Solutions

Marketing is going through a transition. Navigating these changes can be a complex and daunting task. Boost is well versed in both Online (Digital) Marketing and Offline (Traditional) Marketing. If you have a project that needs to be professionally designed, written, or produced or you need additional help, such as a "virtual" Marketing Manager, Boost is the agency you’ve been looking for.

We use technology as much as possible to cut down on our carbon footprint. We have researched and found the best online tools to cut the complexities of doing business with us. This allows us to keep our services competitively priced while professionally and creatively serving our clients.


Brand Identity

Your brand is a reflection of your business personality. Whether it’s your logo, your website, how you answer the phone or how you treat your customers, you are building on your image. Anywhere you have an interaction on behalf of your company, you leave an impression. In that way, Boost could be called an Impression Agency. We help you develop solutions that make the very best impressions. How you are perceived in the market will open or close doors, exceed or disappoint customer expectations, and ultimately determine your success or failure. At the heart of Boost is a focus on designing creative solutions that are focused in the following key areas: 

How You Look:  Logo > Business Stationery > Branding Standards > Creative Marketing Materials > Website > Packaging Design

What You Say:  Messaging > PowerPoint Presentations > E-Newsletters & Traditional Newsletters > Marketing Writing > Internal Communications

What You Do:  Product Launch Strategy & Execution > Promotional Activities > Information Graphics


Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications is both an art and a science. Ensuring that the right message is being conveyed to the right audience, through the right channels can be a challenging exercise. And the way you communicate with your customers should reflect your business values and help get your message out in the most concise, simplified, and professional manner possible.

Boost uses the most innovative tools and processes to solve your Marketing Communications challenges. We can help you understand your target market, differentiate from your competitors, develop key messages, and manage all your Marketing Communication activities.  Or help you streamline your in-house marketing to make it easier to stay on top of your competition. We can help with: Marketing Plans > Creative Marketing Materials  > E-Newsletters & Traditional Newsletters > Packaging > Websites > Interactive Development > MobileApp Development


Product Launch

The word launch is used in product development to signify the focus on momentum. You want to enter the market with a big bang and generate as much buzz and interest as possible to maximize your sales results. But the truth of the matter is that only about 10% of new products actually succeed. That is a sobering statistic, but you can improve the likelihood of your success by ensuring you have covered all your bases. 

A product launch is not a singular event, but is comprised of a series of many activities related to the launch plan, all that require guidance and nurturing. You must ask yourself some hard questions. Does my product really offer a true innovation? Will my product grab the attention of my target audience? How does the messaging about my product jive with the way my product performs? Is it clear what I am selling? How does my product perform when sitting next to a competitor’s product? And many more questions that you must observe in order to beat the odds. 

Boost can help guide you through the process of launching successful products, determining the plan of attack and the means in which to win the war. Some of the activities that we can help you with are: Product Launch Strategy & Development > Advertising > Promotional Literature > Promotional Items > Packaging Design > Tradeshow & Conference Planning 


Information Graphics

Businesses are operating at break-neck speed these days. You only have a few minutes to get your point across. Traditionally you slave over your PowerPoint presentation for days perfecting the placement of text, importing graphics, and fine tuning your animations to try and get the most impact with your audience. Often you are met with a lukewarm reception, glazed-over eyes, and even pushed to condense your slides, reduce the length of your presentation, or asked to brush past slides that you painstakingly produced. 

PowerPoint is a standard and functional business tool for communicating, selling, influencing, or educating, but it is only a tool. The content is the most critical thing, and much of the content consists of words (and lots of them), data, and photos. Like...information overload!

There Is A Better Way.

Information Graphics can quickly and concisely communicate a stunning visual story that keeps your audience riveted. By presenting complex information simply, accurately and concisely using creative graphic elements, you meet your goals of keeping your audience engaged while telling your story. And Boost is here to help. We specialize in simplifying the complex. And weaving inspired visual stories. Give us a call to discuss how we can give your presentations a boost and help you simplify your story.


Business Communications

Effective business communication tells a story that engages the reader. Whether it's a website, a press release or a proposal, the information should clearly convey a story. So make it engaging, impactful, and memorable. 

Communication is all about connecting with your audience on their level. Understanding who the reader is and what they care about is an important consideration before you even begin to start the process. Once you understand your audience and begin to connect with them, you can begin to open the door to a relationship with the reader. 

In the ever competitive market today, it is essential to produce professional, clear and concise business communications under tight deadlines. Boost can help expand your capacity by assisting your existing in-house resources with business communications when they are backed up or we can assist with improving in-house productivity tools such as easy-to-use interactive forms and templates.  Some of the ways that Boost can help are: Blog Content > Website Content > Press Releases > Proposal Writing & Design > Document Creation > Form Design > Template Development > PowerPoint Presentations

Boost can help you write a compelling story that meets your business objectives or fill in a gap when you need help meeting the demands of your business.

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