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$99 Logo Design! Yes…it’s too good to be true.

You’ve seen the ads everywhere online. Logo Design Only $99! Cheap Logos! Design a Logo for Less Than $99! And my personal favorite, $24 Logo Design in 24 Hours!

It’s an attractive number, to be sure, especially given today’s tight economy, but don’t be fooled. There is a reason that the number is so low. These companies churn out logo designs by the thousands. Now I’m not going to go so far as to say that they don’t come up with some attractive designs (you’ll see the best of the best on their home pages), but the bottom line is that you get what you pay for. Canned logo designs built using the same design elements over and over and over again.  

Tempting, yes, but think twice before taking that leap.

Tempting, yes, but think twice before taking that leap.

There is also a trend to use “spec” designers, a process, which allows a client to select from a wide variety of spec logos that were created solely for the company being represented. This service provides sometimes hundreds of logo designs to choose from. Spec work consists of artists submitting their designs with the hopes of having their design selected over their competition. This creates an environment where the artist spends time on logo design creation with the hopes of being selected but with no guarantee of payment. It’s a cheap shot that de-values the work of graphic designers and illustrators. You wouldn’t expect to visit one Dr. and then visit another Dr. across town to compare the quality of their examinations before selecting and agreeing to pay for their services. Why would you expect another group of professionals to act any differently? Logo designers are professionals and should be paid for their services in relation to the amount of work effort required.

So what are you paying for when you hire a Professional Logo Designer?

The key to a great design is having a designer who thoroughly understands the personality and spirit of your business. A good design doesn’t only express the individuality of your brand and defines the brand personality, it can build trust, provide instant recognition and leave a memorable imprint on your customers.

Leave your brand development in the hands of a trusted professional that takes the time to really understand your goals and objectives. One who cares about more than just a cheap initial sale and wants to see your brand last through the ages.