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Top 5 reasons emotions are important to your brand


Emotions. We're often told to keep our emotions to ourselves. Don't mix emotions with your work. But we are human and human beings have emotions. And businesses are owned and operated by humans with emotions. So in that way, emotions should be a consideration for businesses too. If you own a business, you should care about the emotional connection that your customers have with your company and your brand. Here are the top 5 reasons (in my opinion) why emotions are important to your brand:

  1. You only get one chance at a first impression.
  2. Your brand will evoke an emotion when its encountered. It could be a happy emotion or a not-so-happy emotion depending on their experience with your company.  
  3. People often make purchase decisions based on emotions.
  4. How someone feels about your business will determine if they will ultimately trust you with their business or not.
  5. The experience you give your customers will leave them with an emotion that they are likely to share with others. If you leave a positive brand impression it's likely that experience will be shared. Unfortunately the opposite is also true.

The good thing about emotions is that we all have experience with them, so we can relate. With a good branding strategy, you can help influence the emotional levers that leave the right impression with your customers.